We need a Lib Dem Choice for Police Commissioners now!
Elections for Police Commissioners will take place next year, probably in May. If we are to have any chance of doing well in these we need candidates in place very soon to be able to put the Lib Dem case. If we do not act fast to allow Lib Dem candidates to be selected it will be far too late for candidates to make any impact. We are therefore calling for the Party to do 4 things.

1.       To decide that this is a local election and therefore the local Regional Party not the English Party should run these.

2.      That an advert is placed in Lib Dem News by the end of July 2011 calling for candidates.

3.       That all current PPC Approved candidates and Police Authority Members or Community Safety Portfolio holders are deemed to be approved candidates and other approvals to be completed in August 2011 as well as shortlisting.

4.     Hustings and ballot to be completed in all Regions by end of September 2011.

Please support this so that we all Lib Dems to have a decent chance to put out our message for these elections.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Deputy Lib Dem Leader, LGA.

Lib Dem Group Leader elect, LGA.

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