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Somer Housing want to build sheltered housing at 3 & 4 Longacre.

Despite offers on these buildings from businesses and an approach by local residents in the Snow Hill area to take over the buildings for community use, the Council has been working with Somer Housing to draw up plans for sheltered housing in this location.

This area is still a hotspot for drug dealing, the alleyway next to these buildings has been known for serious criminal offences including a high profile murder.

Local councillors and residents are working hard to strengthen the community in and around Snow Hill, trying to promote a sense of place and well being.

This scheme would be a step back, increasing the turnover of local people to the area, putting at risk vulnerable people and exposing them to the risk of further drug misuse or crime.

Only two people can now put a stop to this, two Conservative Councillors from Chew Valley.

Sign our petition and help us pursuade them that this is not a good idea.

We, the undersigned wish to express our serious misgivings about the proposal to establish temporary accomodation for vulnerable people, including children at 3 & 4 Longacre, London Road, Bath.

We have no objection to the fact that vulnerable individuals are already accommodated in the area. However, we are very concern at the chosen location, given the long history of crime, including serious offences, that have been committed in the immediate vicinity of the Longacre Tavern.

Despite assurance from Bath Self Help Housing, we believe that residents at 3 & 4 Longacre could not be effectively protected from those risks.

We call on the Conservatives in charge of housing and community safety, and in charge of property, Councillors Vic Pritchard and Malcolm Hanney, to consider an alternative use for these buildings and to stop any further progression of these plans by Bath Self Help Housing.

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