Lancashire County Council has launched the public consultation stage of a plan for a local 20 mph zone.

It will cover an area between the junction of Eshton Terrace and Mitchell St, along the railway line as far as the end of Kemple View and then across to Edisford Rd (but not including Edisford Rd) and back up to the junction with Thorn St and back to its start.

The scheme will also include in excess of 50 speed bumps and bus cushions.

Already local residents have contacted your Lib Dem team of County Cllr Allan Knox, and borough Cllrs. Mary Robinson, Alan Yearing and Ruth Hargreaves saying that they think the scheme is excessive.

The Lib Dem team agree and have put together amendments to the plan, which will still improve road safety, but not involve humps on nearly every street.

County Cllr Allan Knox said: “For many years now we have been calling for traffic calming measures on both Henthorn Rd and Edisford Rd and we see no reason to change that, particularly when you look at accident statistics.

“But, amazingly speed bumps are also planned for roads such as Windermere Ave, Ennerdale Rd and Millthorne Ave, plus a host more."

"Most of them see only residential traffic as people go to and from their homes, and we can see no reason for the speed bumps on these streets unless local residents have firm evidence based reasons for their need.”

Cllr Alan Yearing added “It seems crazy that Edisford  Rd. is not included in the scheme when it is clear from accident statistics that this is the most dangerous road in the area.

"It would surely be better to use the cash that would be spent unnecessarily on some the residential streets to put in measures on Edisford Rd that ensure the speed limit there is adhered to.”

“We also want a mixture of speed calming measures on Henthorn Rd not just speed bumps."

The Lib Dem team have launched their alternative to the County’s proposals and are asking residents to support it by signing the petition below.

They also want to hear if you have evidence why any other street should stay in the scheme.
I / We the Undersigned call for an amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order for the Henthorn and Edisford area and want to see the following
  • A mixture of traffic calming measures on Henthorn road, not just speed bumps.
  • No measures on the other surrounding streets
  • Monies saved to be used to enforce the speed limit on Edisford Road.
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