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The UK has by far the largest DNA database in the world with over 4.5 million entries - accounting for over 7% of the population and including nearly 100,000 under 13s.

And while DNA is a vital tool in crime-fighting, there are tens of thousands of people on the police database who have never even been charged with an offence - let alone convicted.

The police have the power to take and store DNA from everyone they arrest, even if that person is released without any charge. Once your DNA is on the database, it can’t be taken off, even if you’re proved to be innocent in court.

There are now over 850,000 people on the DNA Database who do not have a current criminal record. Nearly 40,000 of them are children who have never been charged with an offence.

We believe that innocent people’s DNA should not be held indefinitely on the police database.
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We, the undersigned, believe that while DNA is a vital tool in the fight against crime, there is no legitimate reason for the police to retain for life the DNA records of innocent people. We call on the Home Secretary to amend the law so that the DNA records of people who are innocent are no longer kept indefinitely.
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